Homeschooling Plans 2020-2021

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Homeschooling Plans 2020-2021

Homeschool Plan and Schedule

Today I thought I would share what we use currently in our homeschool and a bit about our scheduling for homeschool. As I share this, I know many people might be first time homeschoolers. If that's you and you are looking for some ideas or guidance please feel free to reach out to me. I would be happy to offer some ideas or just a listening ear. This will be our 9th year homeschooling and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Morning Basket & Bible

Our morning's start with out morning basket. (Morning basket is just a nice word for morning starter items). We include our Bible study time during the morning basket time. These are items we do as a family. 

Josiah & Ethan will both be filling out their "Experience Notebooks" daily. This is writing, drawing, doodling things they did or saw the previous day. It's a journal of sorts. 

We will continue to read aloud as a family and as we finish a book we will list it in our Read Aloud Book & Journal. Filling that in will happen during our morning basket time. 

If you are not familiar with Jamie Erikson and the Unlikely Homeschool, that is one of the number one blogs I recommend. She has some amazing resources, including a book entitled "Homeschool Bravely". She also has a fabulous resource we are using this year "100 Manners for Kids". We will discuss a different manner each week. 

2 times a week we will read from Brothers and Sisters Getting Along

2 times a week we will read from our current missionary story. 

Each day the boys will fill in the story in Bible Story Doodles as I read them the actual story from the Bible. 

Each day we will read from Foundations by Ruth and Troy Simons. This is a fantastic short daily devotional reinforcing foundational truths from God's Word that we want instilled into our kids lives. 

We will work on a scripture study each week from Sarah Blount's pack of scripture cards. 

Geography/History/Social Studies

National Geographic Kids Atlas - Both boys will look at this and read about each state, if we are able to travel. Covid has certainly caused issues with our plans so we will see what happens as the school year moves on. 

DK Geography - Each boy will work on this 1 time a week, to help build their geography skills. I honestly don't see this lasting the whole year, so if they finish early we will move on to the next level or seek out a different geography book. 

The American Story - each day I will read to them one story from this book. We will discuss this portion of history, and how it affects us today. 

Social Studies Paces - 2 times a week the boys will work on their paces independently for the subject of social studies. 


Math Paces - for now both boys will use math paces daily. This may change for Ethan later in the year, as I feel he needs something more challenging in this area. 


Two times a week the boys will work in their Science paces independently. 

We will also be doing Gather Round Earth Science so I will discuss that at the end. 

English Language Arts

English paces - each boy will work on their paces 3 times a week. (We do a 4 day a week homeschool, saving the 5th day for exploring/field trips/co-op etc. They also learn some English through Gather Round). 

Word Building - each boy will continue to work on this each week. For Josiah this will be 2 times a week, for Ethan this will be daily. 

Can Do Print/Cursive - Josiah will continue to work on cursive this year. He is working with being able to go between print and cursive interchangeably now. 

My Printing book - Ethan will continue to work on his penmanship, and will transfer to cursive learning when this book is completed. 

Abeka readers - We will continue to use these as short stories to be able to practice comprehension, and read aloud to mom, etc. 

Josiah will continue to work on Lit & Creative Writing (2x per week), Read & comp Skill Sheets (1x per week) and Building Writers (2x per week). 

Both will have independent reading as well. 


For music study this year both boys will be working with their Dad to learn an instrument. We will continue learning various songs, listen to composers, and hopefully take in some live concerts if Covid doesn't prevent that. 

For art - with such a small space this is a challenge. So this year, I am encouraging the boys to draw. We will practice this and enjoy learning together. We will also view art from others as museums open back up. 

For PE - We spend lots of time outside, at parks, and exploring. We will continue this. They will also continue their swimming lessons. 

Gather Round

This first semester we are trying a new curriculum called Gather Round. It is supposed to be a complete curriculum, just add math. I am not opting to use it as a complete curriculum yet. We are instead choosing to use it 2 times a week, where our family can do some learning together in most every subject. Depending on how it goes, we will see if we continue using it or not. For our first subject we are doing Earth Science. The curriculum is written where you cover every subject while studying the unit, so in our case Earth Science. So on the days we use Gather Round, we will still be able to cover all subjects. 


As with anything in homeschooling, it is all subject to change. Sometimes, as we get into a year, I notice one of the boys needs something different, or a curriculum is not working well. If that happens, we will change. That's part of being a homeschooler. We also will try and keep things flexible. 

If you have any questions about our choices, or ideas for your homeschool, feel free to comment below or message me! 

~ Sarah 

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